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What you guys think?
Post edited January 08, 2022 by J Lo
Uh, it's just music. And um, it sounds like I'm at a night club?
Post edited January 10, 2022 by CFM
Gameplay really doesn't look the same as Diablo, more like an mmo/moba.
Personally i have REALLY low expectations for Diablo 4, i dont even expect it to work at launch, and this is due to Blizzards status as of late, with all the controversies, awful launches, constant PR nightmare and stuff, i really dont expect DIablo 4 to be even competent at launch. So you can understand what i mean, remember how Diablo 3 couldnt be played cause Blizzard enforced online functionalities even in Single Player mode? Well, i expect that all over again, but worse.