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high rated
Happy new year everyone.

DevilutionX reached 1.0.0, this is a huge release but the tow most notable features is that the game now runs at your monitor's refresh rate instead of being locked to 20fps. Also it brings a fairly solid game controller scheme, I have completed the game a few times using just a game controller so feel pretty confident that it works well.

You can download a prebuild version directly from GitHub:
Hope you will enjoy it.

### Features
- FPS no longer capped at 20hz; smoother mouse and transitions
- Full-featured gamepad support
- All movies can now be skipped via ESC
- Implement `--help`, `--version` and `--data-dir`
- Implement FPS counter (`-f`)
- Force windowed mode with `-x`
- Skip startup movies with `-n`
- Implement scroll wheel navigation
- Implement touch support
- Load assets from the same folder as the mpq
- Faster loading

### Platforms
- Added Nintendo Switch support
- Added Retro Gamer Handheld (OpenDingux/Retrofw) support
- Added OpenBSD support
- Windows version is now build as GUI an app and has an icon

### Bugfixes
- Fixed random missing sounds
- Fixed NPCs not talking about the right quest
- Error messages implemented in GUI
- Fixed having to restart the game between network sessions
- Fixed game not working on Radeon on some GPUs
- Fixed panel missing after minimizing game is upscaling is disabled
- Fixed clicks in the left letterbox being incorrectly handled
- Fixed end movie not looping

### Original Diablo bugs
- Fixed a large number of rare stability issues from the original game
- Correctly take open panels into account when casting spells
- Fix sound some times being muted after Diablo dies
Anders_Jenbo: Happy new year everyone.

DevilutionX reached 1.0.0, [...]
congratulation and many thanks for the great work of the devilution team! :)
Thank you, is DevilutionX compatible with Hellfire?
Focmiz: Thank you, is DevilutionX compatible with Hellfire?
Not yey, but we are working on it
noob question - is devilutionx fully playable in its current state? Or some core diablo features are still missing? (aside from expansion)