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Is there any way to move the camera back from your character? The default settings on high resolution only give me several tiles of space around my character to see. Even after trying the highest display mode the zoom out from my character is only slightly improved. I have seen playthroughs online where the amount of visual space around the player was triple or even four times tha amount I'm able to see. Any suggestions would be helpful, thanks :)
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In vanilla Diablo you cannot "zoom out". The videos you saw online more than likely where for a modified version of the game. IE: Tchernobog, TH2, Infernity
Although this is probably not the OP's problem, I will point out that Diablo can zoom in, giving you even less visible area than normal. This is almost worthless in most cases, but if OP accidentally engaged it, he might be looking for a zoom out so that he can see around him. Toggle zoom mode with the Z key.
Infernity dev here, diablo 1 will probably be available with hd/zoom and other QoL features as we are almost done with reverse engineering it and can focus on improving