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Hi fellow Diablo enthusiasts,

I am looking for some adventurers who are interested in playing Diablo Hellfire multiplayer... specifically a modded version known as: Hellfire v1.02.A5 - an Unofficial Update for Hellfire. This is a mod created by a user called Marsh and then picked up and worked on by someone going by the handle Belix. Mod information can be found here:

To give a quick summary this mod is all original game play, but with quality of life updates. It uses Ulmo's plugin which turns the Gillian NPC into a stash. She will hold any items and you can also stash gold with her. This makes muling between characters so much easier than what it used to be as the stash is accessible from all characters. Gold stacks have been increased to 10k from 5k. When you open your mini-map in the dungeon the Search spell is automatically enabled making it easier to see items on the ground (they become high lighted and also show as blue squares on the mini map) as the darker color pallets sometimes made it really hard to see things. Certain NPC's have been moved closer to the town square to make shopping less of a hassle (Adria is now next to the town portal spawn, and Wirt is hanging out under a tree near Farnham the drunk). Some quests have been enabled in Multiplayer which allow for a more interesting and fun experience. Friendly Fire can be toggled on and off meaning Rogues and Sorcerers will no longer have to worry about murdering their party members. Also XP sharing! As long as everyone is on the same dungeon level they will each gain XP when a monster is killed.

Vanilla Diablo had a lot of quirks and a lot of hardcore purists might scoff at these changes but to me this just makes the game more approachable and fun to play. Also there is no more need to dupe items for those players that like Diablo but felt the need to exploit due to the lack of things like a stash and how clunky gold management was originally. I am looking for people that want to adventure through the haunted Church of Tristram all the way to Hell and the Hive and the Crypt and play the game legitimately within the boundaries that this mod allows... which is a lot more lenient than the original Pure Diablo vanilla meta. This mod incorporates the Hellfire oils, and if you want to sustain the oil affects through each game all you have to do is stash the item with Gillian and then take it out on your new game. Oil affects are lost if you don't stash it. In my mind this allows for some really cool item customizing and yeah eventually you will probably have an OP weapon but whatever this is about having fun within the allowed boundaries of the mod.
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Hello, I think I would join that group. Right now I´m playing exactly this version of Hellfire and I love it. Which MP Software do we need? Hamachi? Tunngle?
Hamachi is trash, tunngle is dead, I recommend Zerotier
I am interested but I only have single player save file. Do you mind if I convert my save file to multiplayer?
Would be interested. Radmin worked well for me (Zerotier didn't, I think), or can meet on if that still works?