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Hi! I'm a huge cyberpunk fan that recently got Dex and expected to enjoy it a lot... but I've found something in the game that seems to be getting in the way of me enjoying the game... THAT Font Size.

In graphics there are two options for the on screen font size, one for the dialogues and another one I think for the diary and you can change the size between small, normal and big... but it doesn't seem to make any noticeable changes.

My screen definition is 1366x786 and I'm having a hard time reading the dialogue and in menu texts, not the prompts, of course, which are pretty huge.

How can I change it?

Thanks to everyone in advance.
Hello Decatonkeil,

the font size of dialogues and journal changes and do works properly, of course. I admit that small and normal font size should be reaally tiny for somebody, but the large one should be ok for anybody.
Maybe if you use some Linux distribution which is not officially supported, there is no guarantee of full settings elements 100% working.