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Simple question which Google didn't answer me; how do i play this game with a controller? My xbox360 controller is connected to the PC and works perfectly fine with every other game installed on my computer except this one, what do i do? I also tried using two (2) different PS4 controllers and they work just fine like my xbox controller does.
Never ever have i encountered this kind of weird problem before when i've tried to play with controller.
Well.. you posted your question months ago, but....
The developers seem to pay more attention on Steam forums, nowadays....

I saw identical questions on Steam forum and strangely, it seems that the last patch fixed this problem.
Strangely , we are still waiting for this update, FOR MONTHS now.
It's ridiculous, for sure.
Is it a question of money : does GOG charged developers a lot for updates ??
I don't see why it's so difficult to adapt a patch for a DRM game to a non DRM game....