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When i go to meet with Raycast, i get a loading screen for an "unknown location". Every other loading screen in the game so far has taken at most a few seconds, while this one simply does not ever finish. After more than 15 minutes of loading, i am still stuck in the loading screen. The loading indicator is moving.

If i press the "start" button on my controller, the loading indicator stops moving, and i seem to be in a menu according to the sound. The screen still shows nothing but the loading screen, though.

Reloading autosave throws me into the same loading screen, reloading a previous save and redoing some of the talking to Richmond leads to the same problem once i go to meet with Raycast.

How do i solve this? It feels pretty frustrating, as it seems that i am approaching the end of the game, and i would really like to finish it.

Edit: Nevermind, after posting this i got the idea to verify and repair the game on gog, and that appears to have solved the problem.
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