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I installed the game on Manjaro and unfortunately it doesn't load. All the additional libraries listed on the game page are installed (at least their Manjaro equivalents), but the game won't load.

Has anyone had any success with installing the game on this distro?
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Have you tried running the executable directly in a terminal?
The windows version seems to work perfectly under wine on arch, at least so far plaing for a couple of hours. I'm getting a SIGSEGV with the Linux version.

I often have such issues with games where the windows version runs with wine but the Linux version does not work. I wish they would all include a .exe in the Linux install that can be directly run by mono since that seems to help.

Oh well, I'm not too picky as long as something works.

Edit: After playing through, it may not be quite perfect: there are a few pauses for a second or two, rare enough to not be too distracting (just a few times throughout the game I think) and random as far as I can tell. I didn't think to check the output of wine to see if there were any clues about what happened. I've seen a much worse version of this on some games under wine so I think there is a good chance that it is wine related. I'd still recommend playing under wine if you can't get the Linux version to work easily, but just wanted to point out this issue.
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