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Hi GOG team,
Should I wait for this game on GOG or should I buy it in other shop?
I'm not a GOG representative but I think most users will agree that it is extremely unlikely that we will see Mankind Divided on GOG any time soon. The previous game, Human Revolution, is not on GOG. If you want to play it now you can probably buy it somewhere else without regret.
The newest game on GOG that was published by Square Enix was released in September 2005 (Total Overdose). It will probably be a long time, if ever, before current games are published here.
Would be awesome if they did, but I think it will be a wait. The game uses Denuvo DRM, and Square Enix isn't likely to agree to removing the DRM until sales start to fall off. I'll double dip if it comes to GOG, though.
Post edited August 30, 2016 by scooney
I hope it does come to GoG. Would buy.