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Hi all,
Somehow I wasn't satisfied with the image quality produced by the default glide wrapper (nGlide?) provided by GOG
so I wrote my own (uglide or micro-glide), which adds two new features: automatic mipmapping and dithering for smooth band transitions.
The download link can be found here (for those interested to give it a try): [url=][/url]
EDIT: there's one minor glitch when quicksaving, "saving" screen is not shown
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New version (0.12) is available via the link above
(for some reasons (security?), external links seem to be disabled in this forum).

What's new:
- DX saving screen fixed
- much improved performance (Aquinas hub fog smooth now) - thanks to less internal flushing (texture updates)
- no more hiccups in Unreal intro map (frequent glDeleteTextures was insanely slow)
- more features emulated (can draw lines now as well, partial support for LFB locking)
- can now also run RedGuard
- optional FXAA (off by default), see uglide.cfg
- extensively tested with DX, Unreal/UT, Clive Barker's Undying

What benefits do your Glide implementation have over the more widely used enhanced OpenGL, DX9 and DX10 renderers out there?

I'm all for people being proactive and finding ways to improve the game but it looks like a lot of extra work that's already been solved with other renderers.
Yes, that's a good point. Native renderers can take advantage of 32-bit textures (therefore no need for dithering) and can probably run even faster (can precache), Glide2x wrappers are also constrained to certain resolutions (maximum 1600x1200) and maximum texture size is 256x256 (no hi-res packs).
Nevertheless, it was an interesting and challenging experience.
Is these a way to disable glide wrapper to use my 3DFX Hardware?
Overseer-one: Is these a way to disable glide wrapper to use my 3DFX Hardware?
lol you have a voodoo? lucky bastard