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I remember when Bin laden was shot they used a stealth helicopter to get there
Then i remembered there was one in the first deus ex, i realize that this was due to the memory but i couldn't help but there being no twin towers, anyone else find anything in the games that has happened after it was released
The use of stealth helicopters in the game is most certainly a reference to the brief 90's buzz word "Black helicopters" used by conspiracy theorists and UFO hunters. The idea back then was that the US government, or some secretive organisation within it, was using silent and black helicopters to spy on or abduct people. In Deus Ex, sensationalist conspiracy theorist paper "The Midnight Sun" echo this idea, while at the UNATCO HQ you can actually find UN manuals talking about these type of helicopters.

The twin towers are not the only thing missing from the NY skyline in the game. In an interview it was explained that they were saving in on texture memory by using a simple mirrored texture for the lights along the edge of the water. Still, it IS an eerie coincidence that the game about a future (exploitation of the) war on terrorism was released a full year before the real thing kicked off.

Deus Ex was actually just a collection of popular and more obscure conspiracy theories, names and iconographies reworked into a single story. They conjured up a sense of conspiracy and dystopia that no other game has really managed to do right. Many have tried but none were as ambitious and subtle about it as the original Deus Ex. Most dystopian future stories take the "The world is run by corporations" route while Deus Ex had a more realistic angle where "Rich businessmen turned poiliticians employ private mega corporations at exorbiant costs to the reserve and tax payers".
While not on the conspiracy side of things (or maybe it is, not sure) it did accurately predict current gas prices as evidenced by this screenshot...
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Is there already a conspiracy theory that Warren Spector has been send back in time to bring us Deus Ex? Hence all the things it predicted. Maybe he brought it to us to warn us? I bet soon the Grey Death will hit! We must prepare for this at once! Let's start by abducting Warren himself and interrogate him until he tells us the truth about it all! ;)
It also might have sucsessfully predicted the mass popularity of portable devices, and how they might look like.

Come on, don't tell me those things lying around everywhere in this game AREN'T iOS/Android tablets.