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First of all: Sorry for my english, i´m no native-speaker...:

I just bought the GOTY-version and i´m playing the game for the first time. I did the tutorial and everything worked fine, now i started the "real" game and found myself on the docks, did the talkings with brother & guard, found some tools and ammunition and switched through them... until this wasn´t possible anymore and i kept stuck with the pistol in hand and couldn´t choose any other tool or switch through them... When i thew the pistol away it fell to the floor but on the screen it kept stuck to my hand...
I started the first level a few times and it happened the same way again and again - before i even left the docks i lost the fun as this bug happened every time...
I wasn´t able to find any informations about this bug/glitch her - but maybe somebody had the same problem and found a solution...
So: Anybody here around who can help me?
System is Win7 HP, i5, HD4000....

Thank you in advance!
Post edited January 12, 2015 by funstudent
Try uninstalling and reinstalling, perhaps to a different directory.

Try changing your hotkeys for cycling items.

What happens if you don't cycle items but just select them using the number keys?