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Hi,Let me start by saying that I have my rifles skill at max and I don't know if this is normal or not but in some missions when I use my sniper scope the view is extremely wobbly as if I'm untrained in rifles but other missions my scope is perfectly still and steady. Is this some kind of normal glitch or is this a problem with just my copy of Deus Ex?
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If you enter scoped mode before your crosshair has tightened you're supposed to get random swaying. I don't know if this is still supposed to happen when being a Rifle Master because in all these years playing this game I never needed it (Advanced skill with weapon mods is plenty good enough).

Are you using any mods?
thanks for responding, the only mods I'm using are Deus Ex v2.0 and New Vision. As of now I can zoom in on a enemy, wall, box and my view will be perfectly steady but just last mission I was swaying all over the place. I'm getting close to finishing the game ( just arrived at area 51) so its not that big of a deal, I just wish I knew what was causing it.
If you have your Rifle skill at Master, there shouldn't be any swaying at all with the Sniper Rifle.
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Here's a thought. Are your arms damaged? That can affect your aiming stability.
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Isn't this one of the things "re-balanced" in the 2.0 mod? They tweaked some weapons not to have 100% accuracy, that much I remember. Adding weapon sway to the rifle scope at all skill levels seem like something the mod would also do.
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boct1584: Here's a thought. Are your arms damaged? That can affect your aiming stability.
You know what, I think your right lol. Sorry about that. Even though I have played Deus ex 4 times now I some how keep forgetting about arm damage having a effect on my aiming. Thanks for your help.
LordVector: You know what, I think your right lol.
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