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So I used Kentie's launcher and D3D10, Shifter, New Vision, and Deus Ex Enhanced mod. Everything works great except InfoLink character portraits are like this:


Anyone know how to fix this? It's definitely DX Enhanced that is causing it, and I'd be okay with not using it if it weren't for scopes being messed up without it. Character portraits don't inhibit gameplay so I'll take proper sniping over tiled portraits, but it'd be nice to fix them if possible.
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Out of curiosity, what do you mean about scopes being messed up without it? I've done some work with Deus Ex, and the FOV angle for scopes isn't widescreen-corrected with Deus Ex Enhanced. It does make the scope viewable area wider, though, I think.

Regarding your problem: Are you selecting the DirectX 10 renderer in kentie's launcher? DXE uses its own methods to double the size of GUI elements. To me, it looks like it's still using the regular infolink portrait texture, but the area it's placed in is doubled in size in each direction, resulting in that tiling problem. I'm pretty sure DXE wants you to select the non-scaled GUI in its options, and you definitely want to use DX10, like I said, because DXE requires it for the scaling to work properly. If you've done those things, there might be another configuration goof somewhere, or maybe an installation problem, so double-check DXE's readme.

EDIT: Looking at DXE's install package, there's a textures folder and the only file in it is for the infolink portraits. It's entirely possible you just put that file in the wrong folder. It should be at DeusEx\Textures\InfoPotraits.utx, where DeusEx\ is the top layer of the install directory.
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Ok well the New Vision project was officially completed and installing it fixed the issue and also the small sniper scope issue like DX Enhanced. This is solved by those who did that project. Amazing work, guys!