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Just got the game and wanted to play vanilla before i get into any heavy mods. I am interested in upping the resolution as the highest in game i can change to is 1400x1050 even tho my native monitor res is 1920x1200.
Ive read you can change the ini file and the only ones ive seen with Fullscreeen viewport X/Y are in Deus Ex/System/ default and/or Deus Ex config settings.
Are these the correct files or am i looking in the wrong place?
Other then these what graphics mods do you recommend?
Kentie's launcher has support for higher resolutions built-in, and can automatically adjust the game's field of view to compensate for it.

Beyond that, I'd suggest getting New Vision and the beta release of HDTP. More than that, I'd also suggest one of the community patch efforts, Deus Ex v2.0 or Deus Ex: Human Renovation.
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Human Renovation has the best/fullest support for widescreen (and other non-4:3 aspect ratio) set-ups, and if you aren't using that, kentie's launcher at least lets you set the default FOV to something appropriate.

Deus Ex, by default, also only shows a smallish number (16?) of supported resolutions in its list. Kentie's launcher should allow you to specify one, though, and Human Renovation and Shifter (I think), and maybe Deus Ex 2.0, solve the problem of the list being too small as well.