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Hey guys, when I opened Galaxy today I saw Deus Ex was being updated, but when I opened the library on my browser it wasn't listed under updated games. Then when I started Revision, all the settings and saves had been reset - can anyone diagnose this? Are there any logs I should be looking at?

EDIT: This is weird - I just checked the install folder and found another Revision folder inside Deus Ex\Revision. Inside that folder is another Save folder, containing all my original saves. In other words, all the saves got moved from "Deus Ex\Revision\Save" to "Deus Ex\Revision\Revision\Save". Did anyone else get this error?
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thats weird maybe i should check mine saves
Actually, there might be another cause - if you're playing Revision with different dame modes, like BioMod or... whatever the other one is called, it might be your settings got reset, in which case switch back to that game mode, restart the game, and your saves should be accessible again.