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there are some nice little mods for Deus Ex which I used to use with my Mac version of Deus Ex. Back then, they worked perfectly. Now that I have a Win version under Wine, I can use the original mods, right?

Well the mod, which interests me is the DxMod. It adds an augmentation that slows time around the player, so that one can dodge bullets, and lets him jump higher. Basically it's a Matrix mod :-)

Download here.

I installed the Deus Ex SDK and compiled the mod by myself, creating a DxMod.u file.

However, when I type "augadd AugSpeedDxMod", Deus Ex says that "AugSpeedDxMod is not a valid augmentation". This is strange because if I just type "augadd myfancyaug", Deus Ex says "wrong argument in augadd(aWantedAug)" or something like that. So I don't understand what's wrong here. Maybe there is some mistake in the mod although I doubt that.

I know that this is quite special, but since the mod is so totally cool, I wonder if anyone could help. Maybe there is a similar mod that I can use instead.