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I originally posted this on Steam and copied it here for anyone to use

CONFIRMED to work with the GOG GotY version of Deus Ex, those with original need to update that to v1.112fm which can be downloaded from the Deus Exe site

Deus Exe also linked from the PC Wiki page linked below.

Steam only Mod
For those of us who've bought this game anywhere but Steam. This Steam only release is a slap in the face, it's irrelevant how much the game may cost on Steam, but not coincidence that the sale coincided.

Those saying, "but it's only costs a small amount in the sale", don't get the point. It's sets a precedent, a bad one.
Making the game only work with the Square Enix sold Steam version, when Square Enix didn't originally make this game at all, is just wrong.

The principle that mods should work with any copy of the game, whatever store sold it, requires defending all the time.
Suggesting a low price sale of that game, somehow makes it acceptable, is also wrong, What price does it becomes unnacceptable at?
Restricting any mod of a game to a single retailers version is wrong and the price makes no difference at all.

Saying that another thread already exists about this subject (On Steam Forums).
This ones really about fixing the issue and the above just explains what the problem is.

Fixing the Mod
CONFIRMED to work with the GOG GotY version of Deus Ex, those with original need to update that to v1.112fm which can be downloaded from the Deus Exe site

Deus Exe also linked to in the PC Wiki page linked below

It's apparently quite easy to fix and I've just found this
[url=]Deus Ex: Revision - Run without Steam - PCGamingWiki PCGW[/url]

I've now tried it out and PC Gaming Wiki is a realiable site that only posts known fixes to game setups.

You need to download the standalone version from ModDB or the Games site

Deus Ex: Revision mod - Mod DB

Deus Ex: Revision Site
Download Revision | Deus Ex: Revision

Using Steam Client links in a Browser
One point on the links, to use them in your browser and not in the Steam Client.
Copy the Link Address, paste in Notepad and remove

section from in front of the http section.
Then you can use the web address and download the file as normal.

I will add an update to this post, once the mods downloaded and I've tried this method.

If you get a Missing
File (Numbers can be different) You need one of these, better to have all and I found the x86 version was needed, even on my x64 PC, which isn't that unusual with older games.

Visual C++ 2010 SP1 Redistributable v10·0·40219·1 (x86 required for missing msvcp140.dll)
Visual C++ 2013 Redistributable v12·0·30501
Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable v14·0·23026

Versions are on the Details tab in Properties of vcredist_x64.exe for that year, not on MS site.
You may need to restart the PC though I didn't.
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Wish I had known this before forcing myself to buy it again on Steam. Ah well... At least I still have my disc somewhere.
Might want to make backup copies of those installers in case they get pulled when SquareEnix realises they do not lead to as many steam sales as possible which are much easier to brag about in share holder meetings.
Is there a standalone installer for the latest version ModDB and the official site only have the 1.0 installer.
thanks for the tip on the mfc dll. that made my day : )
keviny01: Is there a standalone installer for the latest version ModDB and the official site only have the 1.0 installer.
the cumulative patch is available from Caustic
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Hi all,

Thanks for the tip on how to get Deus Ex Revision working without Steam.

Is anyone else having trouble with no music playing? I've tried "check if you have a Deus Ex folder in your Documents. If you do delete it and try to run the game again," but that didn't help. Anyone have a different fix?

I would be fine with vanilla music too, if someone knows how to get that working instead.

The linked PCG Wiki has deleted the "run without Steam" section and now claims it requires both Steam and the Steam version of Deus Ex. Is this true?
Not really, no. You just need to replace the supplied Revision executable with a non DRMed one and rename it to Revision.exe.
Thanks UhuruNUru
I support your stance re-corporate piracy of this kind. and we do have to defend the universal application of mods!
I followed the directions on PC wiki, but am unsure whether this has been a complete success.
The graphics look better (I think) but I haven't played this for yonks. Did they use different textures and change the appearance of the characters, or has it been a high definition conversion only. It looks pretty much the same as far as buildings etc go. Mind you I'm still outside Liberty island . so hardly into it... I was expecting a big change almost immediately cos the Finnish bloke who started this mod, is into architecture and indoor design according to his wrap on the mod site. I noticed another gamer (Dev Chand) mentioned swapping revision.exe with a non DRmed version, what's that about? I'm hopeless with acronyms.
Just checked out some screenshot.and it is.definitely different to the original! One of the reasons I'm checking is cos the tilde option doesn't give me preferences.. I'll have to check everything again I guess.
Regards to All
Horus in oz
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An important note to be added:

Deus Ex revision recommends a 64 bits OS because of the 32 bits memory limit. If you are running a 64 bits system and are still getting memory errors (for instance, after the intro cinematic), use the "Large Address Aware.exe" tool on <gamepath>\system\DeusEx.exe