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Hi everyone !

I recently bought and installed Deux Ex (love it) and the Revision mod. Yet, when I run the game, it is the same old good Deus Ex I loved many years ago.
I verified on GOG Galaxy but the download of Revision is OK and Revision is activated on the configuration panel of Deus Ex on GOG so... do I need to do something specific to active it ? I did not find anything in game.
Here is a screenshot from GOG Galaxy to help (I hope :p ).

Thanks for your help. :)
I think you need to find the revision.exe and start that manually. Good luck!
Plus > Autre (Other?) > Deus Ex Revision?
Guter: I think you need to find the revision.exe and start that manually. Good luck!
Thanks, I just found it and was trying to delete the topic. :)
It can be run through Galaxy using the "More" -> "Others" menu (I guess that's what they're called in English ;) ).
Now I have a problem with the main music theme refusing to stop. I will make it work ! I WILL !!! :D
GOG dammit. Totally couldn't find the option to launch Revision in Galaxy. And even now that I know how it's done it's a hassle. They really need to improve this. I mean, Galaxy treats Revision as DLC so one would expect the Play button to launch Revision by default if it's installed.