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I was having issues with frame rate, therefore I downloaded Kentie launcher.
At first I was totally unable to load game, but then I've read, that some of my save files might've been corrupted, so I removed them all leaving only the last one, and finally got my game to work. I was having fun for a few days, playing, dying, saving and loading, until now.
I'm no longer able to load game, Deus Ex is "stopping working" every time I'm loading the game. I tried the same solution as before - well, no save file seems to be working, even the one, I was able to load before (I got its copy).
So here I am - I can start new game, no problem at all, even save it, but even newly saved games cannot be loaded.
Log file is not helping much, since it seems to be not complete - it's ending with:
"Log: D3D Driver: Supports FOURCC DXT1
Log: D3D Driver: Supports FOURCC DXT2
Log: D3D Driver: Supports FOURCC DXT3
Log: D3D Driver: Supports FOURCC DXT4
Log: D3D Driver: Supports FOURCC DXT5
Log: D3D Driver: Supports FOURCC NVCS
Log: D3D Driver: Supports FOURCC NVHU
Log: D3D Driver: Supports FOURCC NVHS
Log: D3D Driver: Supports FOURCC NULL
Log: D3D Driver: Supports F" - literally, that's the end of the file.
I tried changing all the graphic options, none of them seemed to help neither in loading nor in the log file completeness.
My PC, if that matters:
Windows 10, Athlon X2 6000+, 4 GB DDR2, GeForce9800 GTX.
ds1`.png (184 Kb)
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