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Bought Deus Ex GOTY edition recently and quickly realised how dark it was. I was going for a stealth run so I'm going to be in a lot of dark places, which makes it incredibly annoying when I realise I can't see anything.
I tried adjusting the brightness in the menu but it only changes for a second before going back to default. It looks the same on max brightness as it does on minimum. It's making the game more difficult than it should be.
Yeah, I can use the light augment thing sometimes but I have to use it constantly to see where I'm going, and it's kind of a problem when I don't want to be noticed.
Anyone know how to fix this?
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This person had the same problem as you, and solved it by changing the renderer from Direct3D to OpenGL, so it would be worth having a look at changing your rendering engine if you selected Direct3D when you were installing.
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