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not sure why but i have no sound at any point when launching through galaxy, about to try through the exe now and see if it makes any difference

i think i figured it out, windows updated to the newest version on me yesterday and apparently broke all sound on my computer. had to update my drivers and it seems to have fixed it for now. in case anyone else has the same issue its probably windows not galaxy or the game itself.
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My game was working fine but then an update for the game happened on GoG and since then the sound has been broken for the game.
It has nothing to do with W10 since I have not updated my W10 recently to cause such an issue and the only thing that has changed is that the game got an update so that has to be the cause.
Found a way to fix the issue, you have to verify the files on GoG Galaxy and it downloaded 125mb to fix the issue. This might not be a patch issue but something to do with how GoG has a weird update system that causes issues with some games.
I mean look at how the cloud saves work in that they don't overwrite but just stack files on top of one another.
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I have no sound on my 2 games from gog. I can hear sound on trailers. Any suggestions?