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Hi guys, maybe some of you will help me with level 4. It is the one with saving the Doc from hanging. When I freed him by John and get his stuff from the sheriff´s office, I´ve got horses for Doc and John and went to the south of the map. When they were safe there, I wanted to go back for Sam, whom I hide in one house before freeing Doc by John but I can´t find him! His picture is not even clickable, staying black and white whatever I´m doing. Anyone knows what the hell is going on?
He's probably unconscious (although I have no idea how that could happen). Go inside the bulding with Cooper, pick him up, carry him out and drop him. Then try to wake him up with Doc (the cursor should change into a vial when moved over an unconscious ally), but this ability may not be available yet, since you just gained control of Doc. In this case wait until all the circling stars disappear over Sam's head and there you go.

If my solution doesn't help, try to better discribe the situation, because there can be some minor details that you missed. (To be honest, maybe you should just restart the mission as this could very well be a bug which I never encountered. These earlier missions shouldn't take more than 30 minutes to complete anyhow.)
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axl: He's probably unconscious...
Hi Axl, thanks for your reply. Sam´s unconsciousness was my guess as well, but I was not able to find him... So, I´ve restarted the level.
It's always a good idea to save often, so you don't have to restart the whole mission if a similar occurrence happens. It's not that problematic in earlier missions, but later on it could be quite a nuisance. (Especially since the game tends to crash on newer machines/systems...)
if you press the character hotkey (or image) twice the screen centers on him.