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hyperbola6: I just wanted to point people to the following thread:

ddwrapper, at least for now, seems to have fixed this issue for me.

Edit: Unfortunately, the exact same problem has now returned on higher levels. This happens even after I've converted all the WAV files to an uncompressed format. Very frustrating! It's possibly a problem in fmod.dll, a sound library that the game uses which has also been used in many other games. Using a newer version of the library might help... but I don't have such a DLL. I tried switching in fmod.dll from Robin Hood (also from GOG), but it seems like that's too new, with certain functions Desperados needs missing (possibly an interface change or something).
ive managed to resolved (somehow) my Desprado issues:

1. Frequent and random Sound looping crash the forces a hard system reset.
2. FPS Slowdown when Range of View is active

Just to let you know:
1. Converting the sound files didnt fix my sound related crashing issues (where the sound loop endless which forces a hard system reset in order to recover) - Thus i never converted the files on my fix.
2. Never use any Third Party apps, converters, mode, background programs in my fix (windower, Wrapper, etc)
3. Didnt involve setting the Frequency of Comment to Minimum
4. Managed to fix the sound related crashing issues (657 min into the game so far - no crash yet - even though i tried very hard to duplicate all my previous crashes... encountered a sound looping anomaly only once - but it corrected itself in lss than 2 seconds)
5. significantly limit the FPS slowdown and the FPS slowdown frequency and duration during when Range of View is active (from 50% - 70% FPS drop to 5% - 10% FPS drop)

System: Win7 32bit - low end LapTop.
Game: Desperado CD copy (non-GOG version)

I really dont know how it got fixed. But i remember everything that i did.

since i dont know the mechanics of the issues nor the reasons why the resolution works (at least for me) i wont post the steps (unless someone asks for it) to save myself from embarassment. ( i just haphazardly did some random stuff out of frustration - no science or logic at all)

Anyways i did follow your advice, somewhat.
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My solution for random crashes with looping sound (no need to convert sound files):

(Win 8.1, non-gog version)

1. Check if you have msadp32.acm file in Windows\System32. If not, copy it (file below). If you have it, leave it as it is.
2. Next install registry script MS_ADPCM.reg. (file below) I hope it'll work for you too!