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After the latest update(which does seem great and couldn't have come too soon), the game doesn't seem to remember/recognize my save files from the pre-update game. I still have them and see them in the folder, but the game doesn't seem to recognize them. Does the updated version has its savegames stored in a new, different location to where I can move my old progress, or must I start it all from scratch if I want to play the updated version?
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New save games v1.R in old game v1.01:
They work, but you need the same folder/naming scheme, so make a folder Profile_00 and copy save games into it and rename them from Profile_00_Save_xxx.dat to just Save_xxx.dat.

Old save games v1.01 in new game v1.R:
They work, basically you make everything in reverse order as above.
1. Go to C:\Users\Robi\AppData\Roaming\THQNordic\Desperados
2. Copy the file Profiles
3. Go where you have your old save games stored and go into the folder Profile_00
4. Copy save games and rename them from Save_xxx.dat to Profile_00_Save_xxx.dat

I myself will have to Google for "Steam delete save games from cloud", as Steam now copies 2 save games from 2001 every time I go into the game, one has the new naming scheme, but neither of them is shown in the game, as you also need the old Profiles file.

Yeah, found the solution in first link:
You just have to go into the game, ALT+TAB and delete the save games, then they don't come back.

If you want to upload deleted save games, I did manage it after a while. I think that disabling and enabling Steam Cloud (right click on game in Library -> Properties -> Updates) did it, then I copied my save games from my local backup.

What I like about Steam is that cloud stores file dates, as Microsoft Store doesn't and you have to backup manually if you care about that. And having OCD, you care about everything.

EDIT2, 15.7.2018:
To upload deleted save games, it is a tedious process.
1. Copy save games from local backup
2. Start the game, you still won't have all the saves, only the ones from last cloud save, so exit the game
3. Copy save games from local backup the second time
4. Start the game, all the save games should be there
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I tried to copy old save games to the new game how you describe it, but the save games don't show up in the game.

Anything I might have missed?
Protector1: I tried to copy old save games to the new game how you describe it, but the save games don't show up in the game.

Anything I might have missed?
The game folder now provides .exe files for both the old and the new version:
old version:
shortcut "Launch Desperados Wanted Dead or Alive" which links to ...\Game\game.exe

new version:
shortcut "Launch Desperados - Wanted Dead or Alive" (notice the hyphen) which links to ...\Desperados.exe

Each .exe creates the savegame files at different locations (as mentioned above).
for the game.exe it's ...\Game\Data\Savegame
for Desperados.exe C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\THQNordic\Desperados

If you have an older shortcut, it might have opened the wrong .exe file.

Also notice that the save files in ...\AppData\... don't go in a profile subfolder (as they were before, hence they need the profile number in their name). Thought that wasn't quite clear in the description above.

So you start with

And after copying/renaming you should have
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