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i installed the game and everything works quite perfectly besides the view cone of the enemies.
if i choose the view cone on an enemy it just shows me their health but no cone.
if i click on the field i get the display of how many people see that spot.

Without the view cone its senseless to play the game with strategy.
In other communities they help themselves with a second graphic card but i dont have that.
Its an integrated grafic card but it works everything fluently with high resolution - no probs on the system itself.

i also tried different resolutions but no success.
Somebody has an idea how to solve that?

Thanks in advance for your help
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You can always try to use a middleware like dgVoodoo2, which was created for making older games compatible with modern hardware. Desperados is not quite as old as the games the engine is targeted for, but it's worth a try nontetheless.
Hi, I play it on windows 7 64 bits and all is ok...