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I'm playing the tenth mission in Desperados: Wanted Dead or Alive and am finding this mission, "Lullaby for Four Aces" to be impossible to finish. My party has cleared the level and is at the point where I'm supposed to apprehend Sanchez. Unfortunately, entering his tower causes Cooper to be instantly one-shotted.

I've attempted to use the room's pillar as temporary cover, but this usually results in Sanchez simply sidestepping after firing two shots and instantly killing Cooper again, or magically firing through the pillar despite centering my character behind it, with the same sad result.

I've readied a quick action to attempt to knock him out, but it appears to be impossible to run up to him quick enough to execute the action before getting shot, and every shot is a one-hit kill. This is thus an incredibly frustrating mission. Perhaps the computers of twenty years ago were slow enough that getting the timing down was feasible, but on a modern machine I'm finding it impossible to do so.

Also, it appears cheats are disabled in the latest version of the game, so I can't even fall back on that option. At this point I'm close to quitting the game for good since this is a blocking situation. That's unfortunate, since I'm enjoying the game thus far, but I don't relish another 50+ reloads on the off chance this will magically work.
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Although this was not obvious prior to viewing a YouTube video, a possible (although somewhat unsatisfying) solution is to to use Sam to lob a stick of dynamite over the wall into Sanchez's tower. If positioned and timed correctly, this knocks him out and permits this portion of the mission to be finished somewhat trivially.
This part of the game isn't something that got broken after years. As a matter of fact, it was hellishly tricky back in the old times. Your solution is likely among the smartest ones though :)
I just use Kate to kick Sanchez to heaven. He sure has a soft spot for pretty ladies which makes his reactions slow down to a crawl, but dynamite works too i guess ;). Cheers
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