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OK, I´ve a problem with mission 9. I should steal the horses, lead them to the valley and after that, free the soldier. I´ve all the the horses in the valley (in the yellow area) but the particular goal is still in white (i.e. considered unsolved) and when I free the hostage with John, knock him out, take his body away without guards noticed anything, "Mission Failed" message appear when guards will notice empty place without their hostage. What can be the problem? Does anyone knows where I´ve made a mistake?
you need five saddled horses

glad to help :)
in case anyone else has problems with this mission I should point out that you also need to lead all the horses to the valley. that's what I missed when I first played :P
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mich0r: you need five saddled horses
Thanks mich0r, it was exactly like you said. I needed 5 saddled horses. Mission accomplished!
Can't get to horses with prisoner even have 5 saddled horses in yellow. guards always are alerted as I am heading for horses. How do you get by this one any special tactics?
having the same problem cannot get by mission 9 I cut the hostage loss, knock him out, and have all the horses in the yellow, with all the other characters mounted. As soon as I am close to completion it says I am discovered. Does anyone have a step by step solution. Not working at this point.
I lead all the horse to the valley. I saddled all I could. I didn't know you could lead the others with a rope. Once I got all of them to the valley. I cut the prisoners rope, knocked him out, and carried him to the valley saddled up and the mission ended. Thanks. Plus the mission is on Youtube.