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Found this post on the new verion of dgvoodoo on the Desperados Steam forum and by gosh it works. No screen artifacts, no slow-downs even with radar, 1028X768, beautiful. Sound/Music all working. Best way to run this game ever. Only one file to dl and 4 files to copy into the Desperados game folder. Follow instructions below. (I don't know how to find the URL link to the Steampost, so I'll copy and paste):
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Finally Got it to work on Windows 10
Hi all,

I finally found a workaround for Windows 10 that actually works. It may also work with Windows 8 but I have not tested it. We all know the issue with the framerate is due to the direct draw function that used to work fine in Win7 but MS removed it in Win10. Follow the steps to get it working in Win10:

1. Visit and download the latest version of Voodoo2.

2. Unzip the file and copy the contents of the 'MS' Folder to your main Desperados Installation Folder.

3. Copy the dgVoodoocpl executable to the same Desperados folder. This exe is used to configure the addon in case it doesnt work. You can also remove the voodoo watermark here.

4. Simply run the game. I did not have to configure anything for Desperados. This addon may work on other games that use directdraw.

Thanks! Works perfectly now.
Worked perfectly for me too. Just a matter of copying the files into the same folder at the game exe app.
Dege to the rescue again :-)
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I don't know guys I tried this in february and the game crashed 30 seconds after the train stopped in the first mission.
But while it lasted it looked rather good :).
Is there a chance that this will be properly supported by GOG I read there were talks about it.