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When I go to the 'serial keys' section for Desktop Dungeons I get "SERIAL KEYS DEPLETED".

Any time frame for when the keys will be available?
This question / problem has been solved by Malotaimage
I can't setup cloud-sync because of this. Maybe I'll ask for a refund, to me it's pointless without cloud saving...
No point to get this game without cloud save : (: ( : (
Dear GoG please reflect to this one:(
Same here GoG, bit peeved to find no serial key :/

Any info on this would be greatly appreciated.

My serial key have arrived (Y)!
Dirtb0x: ...
Patera889: ...
Tagging the other people in the topic so they see that keys have been added.

Yup, same here :)

Thanks GoG, and enjoy the game, folks!
I have the same problem... I need the cd keys!
Keys gone again :/jq5m
Installed Desktop Dungeons Enhanced Edition for the first time in a long time and went to login but the login said my email/password combination was incorrect. When I went to reset the password, it said my email address was not recognised. At this point I thought I should try and register the game again, but when I do it says my key has already been used! Help! My email account is definitely the correct one, I havent changed it or anything. Any ideas?
It is a commonly spread problem, that of the email account mismatch. I _think_ it is a hacking or agent error because companies do not know about it, go very aggressive when told about it and I can see it is chasing me. It has happened to me nearly everywhere, from 3D printing websites to nonetheless than Optimum wifi and TWICWIFI paid accounts.