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Neikius: Kubuntu 15.04 x64, radeon free driver for graphics.

Using gog standard launcher I get a core dump.

Doing ldd and installing all required libraries for x86 the game runs.

2 problems there:
* monster ability texts are yellow on yellow parchment
* this

Any ideas?
Is that "radeon free driver" the open source driver or the official Radeon driver? If so, please make sure you are using the official Radeon graphics drivers instead of the unofficial ones as those tend to cause more problems than they fix in most of the Linux versions of games that we come across.
Neikius: edit: Actually upon reading what you said the second time I think you meant the unofficial opensource driver patches/branches? I am definitely using the default ubuntu things and this is actually the only problem I can think of that is seriously broken on the "radeon" open source driver.

Oh and I hope you don't mean that I should use the fglrx driver, since I've really had bad experience using that. Only the fps is sometimes a tad higher, everything else is much much worse than the opensource driver...

And thanks for the reply, I've managed to make the game run using wine though and I guess that will have to do. I can confirm game works on nvidia binary driver + kubuntu 14.04 just fine.

We just put out version 1.52 for all three operating systems. Perhaps this update will help you run the game in Linux now without using Wine? :)