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Hello, everyone, The Avatar (Lead Writer and Designer for the Extreme Edition) here!

I'm setting up this thread in anticipation of the upcoming release of the Extreme South expansion to the Desktop Dungeons Extreme Edition! It will be out sometime this July, and you can read a bit more about what it will bring up on the latest post on ddmod. weebly. com/news. (For those of you who haven't played the Extreme Edition yet, you can also download it from that website. It's a purely additive, developer-sanctioned expansion that adds a staggering amount of content to the game while maintaining the original's commitment to quality and balance.) I'll update this thread when there's an exact release date, but we don't quite want to commit to an exact day until we're sure a well-hidden bug won't catch us totally off-guard.

So, feel free to discuss or speculate on what's already been posted on the website in this thread, but in the meantime just keep an eye on this thread! If you have any not-too-spoilery questions, I'd also be happy to answer them.

This is our first time officially posting on these GOG forums, since the Extreme Edition only became GOG-compatible recently, so I encourage anyone who wants more from the game to play this if they haven't already! It mostly adds past completing the main quest of the base game, so likely wait to add it if you're a new player, whereas if you're already deep into the game you don't worry about having to create a new file. If you're new, we hope you enjoy it! Don't hesitate to post thoughts, questions, or victory screens!
Well, there's a familiar name I haven't seen in a long time. I may very well stop in some time if I have the time. It takes a few posts before you're allowed to post links, so allow me to do that for you:

Desktop Dungeons Extreme Edition
Oh, this is a 5-parts free officialized big fan-made expansion (a deep mod was forbidden). This South is the 1st part.
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I could very well say the same, Darvin! I'm glad to see that you're still playing the game, and would obviously appreciate your veteran take on what we've made.
ERISS: Oh, this is a 5-parts free officialized big fan-made expansion (a deep mod was forbidden). This South is the 1st part.
Just to clarify, the South is actually the third part of five. You can actually already download parts one and two on the website--it's just a single download--and play them right now! They cover the North and East regions, but expand the game massively through a few brand new concepts I'd rather not spoil. I hadn't posted on here before about them due to the fact that GOG got the final Desktop Dungeons developer update quite a bit later than Steam, meaning you could not have previously downloaded and played the expansion. Hope that clears up any confusion!

If you do want more information on what precisely comes with the released content (and why it's much more than two regions implies) I'm happy to direct you to places where that information can be found!
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Trying the archive now, because the installer stops at the following dll:

..\DesktopDungeons_Data\Managed\Assembly-CSharp.dll was interrupted. Can't apply patch because file was changed.
But the file was not changed and I have checked the files before.

Is " DD Srid Edition NE.rar" the correct file? Because the trello card link points at an old file from Dec 2017.

Anyway, thank you very much (@the team) for your addition to this great gem, game.

€: Nope, sorry. Now I see a message: "Update is available, run launcher to update" and the Launcher stops at another file that has another checksum as expected.
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We’re so sorry for any confusion or problems, tom_shrunk! The installer, made by a coder who no longer has significant time to help with the project, can be extremely finicky. According to him, it will only work if installing from a fresh game or updating from the second most recent version to the most recent version. The fact that he made it for the very first release may also just mean it lacks compatibility with the GOG version. Fortunately, we should be able to get the code from him and update it before the next release.

In the meantime, you can always install manually quite easily! It seems the latest update to the website also borked the download link—I promise we do tend to operate with a bit more effective professionalism most of the time, but the transition to GOG and inconsistent update timing between platforms has been a bit of an ordeal—but you are right that DD Srid Edition NE is the most recent. If you apply the files in that to a base game copy *that has the most recent update* it should work like a charm.

Hope this helps, and let me know if you require further assistance!
All right, DD Srid Edition NE works. Just in the starting screen there is a message like "update available, run the launcher to update the game". I guess I can safely disregard this message then.

And by the way, I always feel safer by using the archive/non-exe version.

Thanks again!
It's almost here! After about one week of "Ok, this is the final build, right?" only to discover lots of little things to fix, we should be releasing the EE South at approximately 8 AM GMT on Monday, July 29.

Not much more to say than that. I'll reply again here when it's live, along with two more separate replies for the changelist for preexisting content. If you want to see a spoilerable preview of the content to know what you're getting or to just read my thoughts on the additions, then you'll have to go to the Steam or QCF forums, as GOG doesn't have effective spoiler tagging.
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Well, we couldn't get it out as early in the month as we might have wanted--good thing we didn't set an early date--but the Extreme South is officially available for download! Installation/Updating works as it did with previous releases or patches: Either get it automatically through the launcher or get the files from the website and replace their equivalents in your current version. Here follows the massive list of other fixes that aren't about new content (North and East Spoilers Incoming):

Troll Brain requires the player to lose more than what he can heal with one tile, counting HALPMEH, to cut down on abuse. Tooltip changed accordingly.
The Bard now selectable on the unsorted class selection screen

Serpentine Shield damage reduction (4 -> 2) and cost (21 -> 18) changed
Antitheist Collar cost (25->10), CP (50->25), and piety gain (25->15) changed
Cursed Cutlass cost changed (24->21)
Frozen Crown remade
The One Horn remade
Fido's corrosive strike has been replaced with poisonous strike
Improved damage prediction for Cursed Cutlass and fixed animation on enemy strike

Increased Oasis Town multiplier to 1.15
Plants in Oasis Town are no longer Pacifist and don't destroy walls
Final boss of Heretic Gold no longer drops gold
Curious Northern Desert's gold farm is now closed.
Curious Lekon's Table spawns shouldn't be as easy as before to abuse.
Fixed spawning issues in Endless Blizzard
Subareas of Endless Blizzard now considered "main dungeon" for items such as Mass09 Ledger
Plants spawned in Curious Endless Blizzard base camp no longer sometimes crash the game

Veto slot now properly unlocks after beating the 3 vanilla Explorer's Guild gold class challenges
Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum Pt. 2 requirement has been changed from Ding Max! to Cheeky

Riposte fully rewritten internally to play more nicely with everything (especially knockback)
Corrupting Aura now triggers properly on indirect knockback
Unstable now triggers when the enemy was killed by knockback in a wall
Unstable + Sorcerer's Essence Transit no longer gives incorrect death prediction
Protective Blessings now play nice with multiple teleportations at once
Resistant can now be stacked
Mystera no longer angers when Resistant blocks mana burn

Slayer Wand and Binding Wand descriptions now properly reflect behavior
Slayer Wand and Binding Wand now factor in XP boost in predicted XP gain
BURNDAYRAZ+Reflexes+Retaliate: Fireball now factors in burning damage to its prediction
Hitball subdungeon now plays nice with various possible EE problems
Selecting a monster class in unsorted will no longer sometimes cause the game to hang
Crushing Blow (Whupaz) no longer causes enemies with spawns to spawn twice from one attack
For those who would like spoiler-filled content specifics to either preview what they're getting or see my thoughts after playing parts of it, I will have to direct you to either the Steam or QCF forums threads for release. I have posted them there, but will not do so here due to a lack of an effective spoiler tag method.
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Is this Mod still alive?
What about the remaining two parts ?