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Wow, Thanks for the link CDN_Merlin!

The first post by Wingman posted in that thread seems extremely familiar to me, almost like a copy-paste of the post that was in the thread I was looking for in the steam forums. The second quoted post from Wingman, that was all new to me and was very interesting information.
I think its mighty funny how theyve deleted any source of info, their website included that doesnt include their own mouths telling the story of what happened to this game. Honestly i think the devs are lying to us about the publisher issue an walked away with our hard earned money

Also gunny how wingman throws a tirade in that update about people rightfully saying the dev team scammed them. To be quite frank i dont believe their sob story for a second. Its been told too many times by too many liars in the world to be believable. They should just come out and say our money was wasted
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