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I have tried to get this achievement on Goodbye Deponia, but everytime I attempt it, it doesn't unlock. I am sure I am getting all of the platypus eggs, but when I get the last one, no achievement. All the other achievements have been unlocking fine. I had a similar issue with Cheater and Pin-Up Goal on Deponia 2, but that was achieved by rolling back the version. I attempted the same thing for Deponia 3, but I hadn't seen any difference in the behavior. If there is a particular series of events that need to occur to unlock this one, would somebody tell me? I have seen that some have unlocked it through GOG and am curious how they are doing it. Thanks.
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Nevermind. After another attempt at rolling back, collecting all the eggs, and then updating the game (similar to the Deponia 2 achievements) it finally worked. I had attempted this method twice in a row without it working. Apparently, the third time was the charm. It finally unlocked. Thanks all the same. If anybody has questions regarding the method I used, I am happy to provide the details in another post.