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Changelog for Update 1.127 (12 October 2020):

We just pushed an update to the game that balances some stuff and fixes a few bugs that users have reported. here is the full changelist:

- Fixed incorrect count of party members in next turn screen when its very low.
- Fixed broken in-game modding website link.
- Fixed support for loading in translation data for modded situations, sim values, events and dilemmas.
- Hopefully fixed a rogue red icon in the top left of the screen in some circumstances.
- Auto-switch to most powerful graphcis card if an nvidia or AMD card is rpesent
- Changed how labour laws are seen to affect strikes to prevent confusion.
- Respiratory disease now increases healthcare demand.
- Reforestation effect on the environment is now much slower to take effect
- A whole bunch of balance changes to make the debt crisis have a stronger effect at high levels.
- GDP has a more skewed impact on wages at a high level now.
- Slightly reduced the debt-immunity granted to the US due to being the worlds reserve currency.

Standalone installer updated (1.12 ⇒ 1.127): 13 October 2020.
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Changelog for Update 1.128 (no date / added 28 October 2020):

- Fixed bug where sometimes clicking on buttons or other elements on the electioneering perceptions tab would fail.
- Bicycle subsidies and cycling campaigns reduce car and rail usage less in Canada, due to geography / temperature.
- Fixed tooltips slowly shrinking or being the wrong size in some circumstances.
- Steam friends average positions now show up on the compass at the main menu correctly.
- Fixed incorrect sizing of icons if you remove every policy in a policy area and also fire a minister.
- Fixed loading of translations for missions from a mod folder
- Added small Married Tax Allowance by default for Canada.
- Added information on voter sympathy groups to the policy screen minister tooltips.
- Election results now tints colors of absent voters to show who they leaned towards supporting.
- Fixed bug where some events would happen too often and some not at all.
- Added Italian Translation

Standalone installer updated (1.127 ⇒ 1.128): 20 October 2020.

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Changelog for Update 1,129 (no date / added 28 October 2020):

- Altered mod support so that entire languages can be added as a mod.
- Hyperinflation situation now has worse effect on Trade, plus upsets the wealthy and self employed.
- Added Italian translations for France,Germany and Canada missions.
- Fixed bug where changes to term length and limit may not be saved.
- Added option to disable political capital system entirely.
- Fixed issue where the new turn report did not remove a minister demand that had already been met that turn.
- Income from graduate tax now mostly dependent on education levels. Also high graduate taxes now reduce education.
- Improved the algorithm controlling global CO2 emissions over time.
- Banning Divorce, Legalizing sex work, and abortion policies now all also affect Gender Equality.

Standalone installer updated (1.128 ⇒ 1.129): 21 October 2020.
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Changelog for Update 1.130 (no date / added 28 October 2020):

- Fixed bug where the campaigning ability indicator was missing on the minister details screen.
- Added new search bar for icons on the main screen triggered from new button at the top.
- Fixed anomaly where the back button did not launch the political capital spending confirmation on the policy screen.
- Added totally new voter analysis screen at the end of an election.
- Changed the way voters pick parties which should fix coalitions being so rare.
- Fixed crash bug when hitting the escape key while a drop down list was opened.
- Fixed very annoying bug where opposition party memberships/colors may have been -swapped between turns!
- Fixed modding issue where names for ministers/voters did not load in correctly.
- Fixed crash on compass or load game screen where a save game existed from a modded country that has been uninstalled.
- Fixed offscreen input to average temperature.
- Fixed Speeches so that state employees and self employed can come up more often as a conflicting choice.
- Fixed crash bug when political capital is disabled and you reshuffle cabinet often.
- Fixed bug where reshuffling a minister, then reassigning them could result in a temporarily missing icon.
- Fixed some missing sound effects.
- Improved bottom section of election results screen so that you can see individual data for every party in 3 party elections.
- Fixed bug in the voting intentions chart which over-estimated the chances of people voting for the player in 3 party elections.

Standalone installer updated: 1.129 ⇒ 1.130.
Changelog for Update 1.131 (02 November 2020):

- New option: Mute (or not) when game loses focus to alt+tab.
- New option: cap (or not) to 60 FPS.
- Fixed text-wrap bug on political capital slider popup on policy screen in certain scenarios.
- Improvements to Italian translation.
- Fixed crash bug on multi party elections.

Standalone installer updated: 1.130 ⇒ 1.131.

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Standalone installer updated (1.131 ⇒ 1.132c): 11 November 2020 (no changelog).