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Democracy 3

Changelog for Patch 1.32 (added 12 December 2017):

- This update addresses some issues with fonts on some PCs.
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high rated
Democracy 3

Changelog for Patch 1.33 (added 08 January 2018):

** Windows only **

- This fixes some bugs in non-English versions and on very low spec laptops.
Democracy 3

Changelog for Patch 1.34 (added 12 March 2018):

GOG fixes:
- Added cloud saves and overlay support for the Windows version of Democracy 3

Developer fixes:
- fixed a bunch of translation, text, and stability issues.
Democracy 3

Changelog for internal update (added 19 March 2018):

GOG fixes

- Removed stray 'ReplaceVistaIcon.exe' file that could trigger false positives in some AV programs