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I bought DF1 when it came out and it was the first online MP game I ever played. Awesome game, great memories: Infinite oudoor goodness, different ways to approach a target, SD weapons, sniping. I don't know if someone that hadn't played DF1 back in the day would understand how neat it was to just to have a "sandbox" game. Never saw one of those till DF. Neadless to say, DF was very unique.. realistic-ish damage, sound.

Never played any of the other games. Thought about DF2 (it looked like more of what I enjoyed in the first), but my system at the time could not play it. As for the rest of the series, I never bothered.

I'll ask the question: Which of the game(s) in the Delta Force series do you think are the best, and why?
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My favourites are DF1 and 2, before they changed the engine, call me old fashioned, but I think that voxel engine gives the game it's special charm.... Also I just like the missions in DF1 and 2... they're repetitive, I know, maybe I like these the moste because I've played back in the day, maybe its just nostalgia
At least, I know what's the worst at GOG': the last DF, BlackHawkDown, I hated its rail shootings.

I always have DF1, just to listen its menu musics! best DF musics for me.
As DF 1 was one of the best game in my childhood so according to me this one is the best among all DF series.
DF2 and DF5 are the best, in my opinion.

DF2 ecompases all of the best of the old school DF2: you have the open spaces, but missions with more interior combat and AI that's more responsive as well as more gear. Also map directly on the UI; huge improvement. There's also a bit more variety to the missions than the original game, but the original formula of "get to X > clear/capture/destroy something > move to extraction" still dominates.

DF5 is a modern approach; more restricted in level design, but the scripted levels are a lot of fun and the feeling you get is incredible. Almost every mission has a truly cinematic insertion/extraction sequence, often with chopper landings, multiple delta or ranger squads providing covering fire or convoy sequence. You also have missions in which downed squad mates can be extracted via medical chopper.

DF5 is a big leap from the series' original formula, but it is a great military shooter on it's own and probably the easiest to stomach graphics-wise. The first games haven't aged great; you basically need to be a member of the fan club to like them at this point.
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In terms of being true to the simulator tactical element, the first 3 games: DF1, DF2, and DF3 Land Warrior. DF Black Hawk Down is a great game but it is more of the action element than tactical, at least for the BHD section.

I personally haven't yet played DF: Xtreme 1&2, but from what I have seen it takes the DF1&2 route but with more classic DF style. I wish I would have known about DF: Joint Operations because I would have jumped in on that for hours.

-If you want the classic gameplay: DF, DF2, DF3: Land Warrior

-If you want more action orientated: DF: Black Hawk Down Platinum Pack (includes Iran and Columbia campaign)

-If you want a hybrid of both: DF Xtreme 1 and 2

-For all out MP 150-200+ players: DF Joint Operations