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Hi Everyone!

I have a strange issue with DF1, the game runs fine, no other issues. Every 15 - 20 seconds it is like the mouse moves very suddenly, and i'm pointing towards somewhere else. Very frustrating when you have an enemy in the center of your scope.. Due to this issue i had to start several times over again.

Anyone has a solution to this issue?

With regards,
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I'm curious are you running X-Mouse Button Control (XMBC) for anything on your computer? I had some really bizarre mouse issues in DF1 when using X-Mouse to bind Mouse 4 and 5 to some keyboard keys. It was very random and didn't happen in any other game. Uninstalling it cleared it all up.
After a bit more investigation. It looks like the game gets stuck for a tiny second. After that, it processes all the tasks you did in the meantime, but then ten times.. So if you move the mouse in that little moment the game got stuck, it is moving a lot further than you thought you did.

Still follow?