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To start off I am using WIndows 7 64-bit, graphics card AMD

The issue I am having for my DF2 is sometimes in the game when I am aiming down the sight or looking at certain buildings, or particle effects, like alot of smoke, etc etc; my game's audio begins to stutter or lag. when I zoom out it stops if the stuttering began after I zoomed in. I did not have this problem with Delta Force 1, Land Warrior, Task Force Dagger, or any of the classic DF games before DF: Black Hawk Down.

I've looked online and I haven't heard or seen anything talking about audio stuttering or weird lag issues due to what I am experiencing.

If anyone else is or has had the same issue, I would love to know if there is a solution. Outside of the occasional crash and this audio stuttering/lag issue, my DF2 runs great.


Apparently the lagging/stuttering issue seems to happen when I have the resolution higher than 800x600, still is very strange.

I honestly wish the Delta Force series got remastered or the source code was released so people could make source ports and improve on all the games issues of low res, lagging, textures, and more

2: After playing the game on 800x600 the stuttering and lagging still occurs, it primarily happens due to many partical effects from explosions, and sometimes many different objects in a distance. At times still zooming in on certain actions, and explosions will cause lagging and objects to disappear for brief moments.

~ The Delta Force series truly needs a remastering, at least of the original titles
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