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Mouse pointer is slightly sluggish for me but I don't see any setting in options menu nor in config files.
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Hello there,

Since GOG’s Defcon forum seems to be kind of dead, I guess new players like us have to help each other? It’s just my few cents and I am not even sure if they will be of help to you, but I have also never found an option in the game to adjust the mouse, which is kind of funny, when you think about the fact of how many options the game gives you to change every single bit of color, which can take hours to adjust everything until it fits your personal liking.

Yet, I have never experienced the same feeling of the mouse being sluggish in Defcon and it just works fine to me. I guess that you maybe have done it yourself already, but if you maybe haven’t then you should check your computer’s mouse options in Windows and adjust the mouse speed in this way, hoping that it will affect the speed of the Defcon mouse as well, as this seems to be the only option here, at least to me. If you maybe even have one of these modern gaming mouses, it might come with a few more options to change the speed or even the smoothness of the mouse, without having to work around with the Windows options.
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I'm on Linux and system's mouse speed doesn't seem to affect in-game speed at all, like game uses it's own independent values. The mouse is quite basic with single, fixed DPI.

Yeah, lack of this option is rather surprising as you'd think it's pretty much standard in every game. Anyway it's not that bad to be unplayable but certainly not optimal and could be more comfortable.
Oh, Linux is something that I have unfortunately no experience with. So, I think the only option for you then is to either get used to the Defcon mouse or maybe, but I think that’s way over the line, you want to buy a gaming mouse. Since 2018 I have blindly bought the Roccat Kova, because I have accidentally broken my old mouse and quickly needed a new one, and with this you receive a software that you can use to adjust 4-5 times of different mouse speeds, called DPI, which you can freely set for yourself. And with a single push of an extra button on top of the mouse you can switch to one of the other speed adjustments immediately, if you suddenly play a different game and need a different mouse speed there, although I always play with the same setting, regardless of the game. But again, buying such a mouse just to play a single game is, at least in my eyes, not really worth the money.
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Eventually I managed to find workaround by running game in windowed mode instead of fullscreen. Then game follows system mouse speed settings correctly.
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ssling: Eventually I managed to find workaround by running game in windowed mode instead of fullscreen. Then game follows system mouse speed settings correctly.
At first, I am very sorry for my late response. I am happy to read that you were capable of fixing the problem, although it is still somehow strange to me. But, after all, sometimes you need some workarounds to get old games running and as long as you are fine with it, that should be okay. :)