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I have to admit to being rather surprised to read the game is so close to being released. While I'm enjoying current version quite a lot, the lack of "character stable" is rather a significant omission for me.

While I understand the "rogue-like" aspect of doing runs with set characters, I'd rather have the ability to swap to desired classes/builds without losing progress on the characters deemed currently sub-optimal.

Not only that, having three set characters also makes it all that much more possible to run into a bunch of excellent loot items that you can never use. Feels extra wasteful to just pawn them, man...

It would have been nice to have some way to pay a retainer and have a larger group to swap in and out of current crew spots without outright dismissing characters... though I assume it might be far too late for such a change to the game, even if it was something seen by the developers as beneficial.