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Hi there, can anyone clarify a point for me?

About half-way through the game I bought the New Prospects DLC and, while I did see the new features appear, I haven't seen any destinations other than derelicts till the very last destination. I've started a new playthrough and I'm now at the second set of derelicts and I still haven't seen any new locations (planets?). Am I missing something? Or these new those locations are on the derelicts?

Other than that, great game! Reminds me very much of Shining in the Darkness.
Post edited April 19, 2020 by Brahmaparush
Hi, playing ver. 1.5.2 here.

When I unlocked the level 7 derelicts, some of them were of the type "Wreck". Those missions take place on a planet, I believe.

They have some new enemies and conditions, but are other than that, they are not so different from the regular derelicts
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