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Hi there.

I have the problem that DSD is crashing whenever it got minimized.

Even with a quad-core, 16 GB Ram and an 8 GB graphiccard windows minimizes my game to recommend another visual style cause the resources seems to be depleted.

Everytime DSD is crashing and I have to shut it down via manager.

What can I do to avoid this!?
I have the same problem.

It might help to disable fullscreen in the options. I haven't tried it because I can't stand playing games windowed, but it's a common fix to this problem in many games, and why some games have a borderless window mode.
I hope problems with minimizing the game do not persist anymore. However, I wanted to let you know that those crashes used to come from the Unity side, which had issues with alt-tabbing on certain graphic configs, and apparently not from the DSD code. In any case, if you happen upon similar crashes or hangs in future, try enabling borderless window mode by adding either `-window-mode borderless` or `-popupwindow` to the game/shortcut launch options.