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Not sure what happened between the last version of the game and the release, but the load times increased to about five times longer than they used to be. Took me about a minute to load the level 1 derelict, whereas it used to be about 10 seconds max before.

Thought the game was crashing on start-up as well due to such long load times all of a sudden.

Should have kept the last inDev installation version for a bit longer, I guess, if only to give a proper estimate.

All the more surprising considering that, at a glance, the game should not be that demanding resource-wise in the first place.
Post edited September 27, 2018 by Lukaszmik
The complete silence from the developer is immensely disheartening.

Communication with your customer base is an important part of maintaining name recognition. All your lack of any acknowledgement of the issue did was make me leery of any future releases from your company.

I liked the game when it did not take minutes to load, but there are other studios that are far more responsive, and thus deserving my support.
I also felt the loading time is a bit too long in terms of what you get after that loading time (compared with Darkest Dungeon).