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At the first playthrough, had no idea what I was doing and not much explanation was given, kind of expected that, so died within 5 min peacefully.

On the second Playthrough, ran out of energy (although had a few spare canisters), probably lasted 10 min. Still greatfull that the game didn't babysit me.

Third playthrough, once I got around selecting an all buff party, it went through the first 3 derelects like a breeze, without much risk of failure, I don't think.

If you get the creds rolling in early on, you can make it quite easily.
Hi Sakirtep!

Seems like you did some good progress quite early on :) We will be of course introducing more elements of gameplay in the upcoming milestones, so we hope to bring in some interesting surprises. We agree that at this point the game is not very difficult (and we're not really aiming for some kind of torturing difficulty), so we will be tweaking and tuning various parts of DSD. Thanks for the input, we will bring more content soon!
janys: and we're not really aiming for some kind of torturing difficulty
Thank goodness! I have enough games already that think torturing players is fun! ;-)

Great game so far. I don't have any helpful comments at present except: keep up the good work.
Post edited December 30, 2017 by JoshoB