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Changelog for update 0.1.2 (added 17 November 2017):

- Switched to nice human-friendly version numbers.
- Fixed some UI elements (especially in combat) not handling resolution changes.
- Fixed Emerson not accepting the news of Friedman's demise. He will now be happy about the fact that you murdered a person. You monster.
- Fixed edge scrolling issues on the map screen, and added state-of-the-art WASD and arrow key technology for scrolling.
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Changelog for Update 0.1.3 (added 22 November 2017):

* Added some safety checks for savefiles.
* Fixed some controllers affecting UI navigation in the inventory and shop.
* Fixed base unit health/shield values being displayed for a moment when starting combat.
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Changelog for Patch 0.2 (added 28 December 2017):


* Old saves may work, but you will likely encounter some problems.

* NOTE ON BUGS: We would very much like to see the _output_log.txt_ file when you bump into bugs. The log file is located in the C:\\\Users\\\\\\AppData\\\LocalLow\\\Snowhound\\\Deep Sky Derelicts directory. You can either upload it somewhere or email it to, preferably with a description of what happened. Thank you!

* Character level 4 unlocked. Specializations are not yet open.
* One level 4 ship added to starmap. Actual Tier 2 ships will come in a later update, but this is something to test and play with in the meantime.
* Enemies can now move on the map - watch out!
* The scanner now shows more information about map contents when you hover over a room.
* 2 new main missions, 2 new side missions, a new contract and a few other new random encounters added.
* Unique lore datapads may be found in the derelicts.
* New room backgrounds and character portraits added.
* Added a Sell All Junk button to the station shop.
* Arena updated with 4 new encounters, rebalanced loot drops, removed empty tiles on the map (now just combat after combat) and puncture possibility in Arena minimized from enemies (only Knife with Piercing strike and spawned wurmlings occasionally proc puncture). Overall, it should be more challenging.
* A lot of card fixes and balance updates, for example:
* puncture chances have been lowered across the board
* critical hit damage bonus is now 1.5x instead of 2x
* almost all enemies and player characters have received an increase in health and shield amounts and the damage output on early levels has been slightly reduced
* We have more changes in mind for puncture, as well as balance in general.
* Localization support implemented and Russian translation added. More languages to follow.. Note: We are aware of some issues with the Russian localization and will update it later.
* Added sounds for Cobra, Necroguard, Skink, Juggernaut/Buddynaut and level 4 class abilities
* A lot of the extensions now can spawn with 0 cards while the number of cards and the chance of spawning higher number of cards on weapon cores has been increased.
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Changelog for Patch 0.2.2 (added 09 January 2018):

* Fixed ship generation bugs that could lead to quest contents not being available in a derelict (doesn't fix existing saves, sorry).
* Fixed some script bugs affecting Medic's passive abilities.
* Fixed an issue where a card script might occasionally discard wrong cards.
* Fixed combat freezing with some combinations of reactive cards and status effects.
* Fixed Aidrone not being able to handle the tragic loss of its friends and freezing combat.
* Fixed Puncture changing shield-only damage (such as the EMP Grenade) to health damage.
* Fixed the card selector panel in combat stretching too wide with a lot of cards; also speeded up the card animation.
* Fixed layering problems with some combat UI elements, such as unit health/status indicators overlapping cards during card selection.
* Fixed Scrapper/Divert Energy issues with discarding and drawing. It also now allows you to select the cards to discard.
* Fixed Medic/Adrenaline Booster initiative values.
* Fixed Cobra's Regeneration not doing anything on the first turn and using wrong healing values.
* Fixed Buddynaut Crush not destroying cover.
HypersomniacLive: Changelog for Patch 0.2.2 (added 09 January 2018):

* Fixed ship generation bugs that could lead to quest contents not being available in a derelict (doesn't fix existing saves, sorry).
* Fixed some script bugs affecting Medic's passive abilities.
* Fixed an issue where a card script might occasionally discard wrong cards.
* Fixed combat freezing with some combinations of reactive cards and status effects.
* Fixed Aidrone not being able to handle the tragic loss of its friends and freezing combat.
* Fixed Puncture changing shield-only damage (such as the EMP Grenade) to health damage.
* Fixed the card selector panel in combat stretching too wide with a lot of cards; also speeded up the card animation.
* Fixed layering problems with some combat UI elements, such as unit health/status indicators overlapping cards during card selection.
* Fixed Scrapper/Divert Energy issues with discarding and drawing. It also now allows you to select the cards to discard.
* Fixed Medic/Adrenaline Booster initiative values.
* Fixed Cobra's Regeneration not doing anything on the first turn and using wrong healing values.
* Fixed Buddynaut Crush not destroying cover.
Is this still beeing developed?
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harrysgog: Is this still beeing developed?
I'm afraid that I can't be of any real help, I'm not affiliated to the devs/pubs, just a GOG user that posts changelogs as they become available on GOG.

All I can do is direct you to this announcement. If that doesn't answer your question in a satisfactory way, perhaps contact the devs/pub?
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Changelog for Patch 0.3 (added 01 March 2018):


* Bug reporting: When possible, please send us the output_log.txt and your save file to make bug hunting easier.Log file location: \\\Users\\\\\\AppData\\\LocalLow\\\Snowhound\\\Deep Sky Derelicts\\\output_log.txtSave file location: AppData\\\LocalLow\\\Snowhound\\\Deep Sky Derelicts. Please check the date, as the number in the file name might not correspond to the order of save files in the game.You can email the files, and the bug report or a link to the bug forum, to Thank you!

* There are some problems with multiple displays. We will have to perform an engine upgrade to fix some of those and that was not possible for this release, so we’ll investigate these bugs in the near future. In the meanwhile, you might want to try some of these startup options as workarounds: -window-mode borderless, -adapter 0 (or 1 or 2 depending on your monitor setup), -show-screen-selector.
* Some card sounds are missing.
* Card layout in combat can get slightly messed up in some situations.

* Character levels are now capped to 7.
* Five new ability specialization branches available at level 4.
* Tier 2 derelicts can now be unlocked by finding at least 2 location data from tier 1 derelicts and visiting the Sub-Governor.
* 4 new quests.
* 12 new rare Illustrious mods can be found, each with its own unique effect. Other new extensions and loot drops have also been added.
* Research Workshop opened on Deep Sky Station. The workshop offers permanent scanning and energy upgrades.
* The medical bay now offers partial heal options for bold but economically challenged scavengers. Reviving is now cheaper and heals the unit to 1 HP, leaving you in charge of further treatment. Other medical costs have also been slightly reduced.
* The starmap shows the last visited derelict and the visited/unvisited/main quest completed status of derelicts.
* New derelict layouts, some with multiple unlockable landing zones.
* Map icons and colors have been overhauled.
* The scanned area now gradually shrinks and disappears, with research upgrades available for both range and duration.
* New enemies: Shocklings, Alpha Skinks, Preservers, Pyronics and scary Triumvirate squads.
* Arena extended with new fights and rebalanced.
* Rooms in derelicts can contain anomalies such as magnetic interference or low gravity, with either helpful or harmful effects both in and out of combat.
* Energy changes: Everything has been multiplied by 10 (base energy is now 1000, scanning takes 50 energy) to make energy efficiency stats/upgrades more meaningful.
* Crew shield/health status is now visible on the map screen.
* Running out of energy does not result in an instant game over anymore. Instead, life support, shields and weapons are disabled and scavengers start losing health, giving you a chance to crawl back to safety.
* Experience gain adjustments; higher level enemies now give more XP than before and lower level enemies give less.
* Some enemies can resist stuns and lethal hits.
* Help popups added for Boost and Retreat.
* New items are marked in the inventory.
* New cards and comic panel effects.
* Fixed some skill bonuses not working correctly.
* Fixed Power Generator revealing unseen map tiles.
* Fixed some enemy encounters not starting automatically.
* Too many card, ability and UI fixes to list.
* Russian text fixes.
* Added new character portraits including ones based on contest winners and Welovegames. Also polished some of the older portraits.
Здравствуйте! У меня есть вопрос: Где последний патч 0.3.1? Игра виснет на боях. Невозможно играть!!! В steam'е уже есть.

Hello! I have a question: Where is last patch 0.3.1. Hotfix? This game freeze in the battles. It is impossible to play!!! On the steam there is already.
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0.3.1 is now live

- Added new sounds for cards: Alpha Stance, Alpha Strike, Finisher, Power Surge, Radiation Shot, Rip & Tear, Strong Punch, Sabotage and Transfer.

- When retreating from combat, you can now choose the tile to move into.
- Puncture hits now do 50%/50% shield and health damage instead of 100% health damage, with excess damage to shields spilling over to health as usual.
- Added more stats to the character panel in crew and combat screens and made the panel scrollable.
- Adjusted Skink AI to be a bit more flexible with target selection.

- Fixed occasional combat freeze after an enemy affected by Fear or Confusion played a card, or when an enemy was killed during its turn.
- Fixed attacks not working when a weapon of the corresponding type (melee/ranged) was not equipped.
- Fixed combat bug when trying to summon a second Hacked Aidrone.
- Fixed Cobra/Envenom error on critical success.
- Fixed Puncture and CriticalDamageMultiplier values not working correctly in looted items. Puncture was doing too little and critical damage bonus a bit too much.
- Fixed the Necroguard not dropping any loot.
- Fixed shields being restored at the start of combat when out of energy.
- Fixed horizontal alignment issues with some background graphics.
- Fixed missing % sign in Damage Resistance stats.

Thank You so much !
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Changelog for patch 0.5 (added 02 May 2018):


- As a reminder: New features will generally only be available in newly generated ships during Early Access; existing saves and already visited ships might not have new stuff.
- Variations added for some main quests. Things may not proceed as you might expect on different playthroughs.
- Difficulty selection for new games: Normal or Hardcore. Hardcore is the previous one-save-only mode, Normal allows free saving and loading. In Normal mode, the previous save can also be loaded from the game over screen when the crew is killed.
- New Necrotic enemies added: Gutser, Long Dead (ship levels 1+) and , Banger (levels 3+).
- New Scourge enemies added: Drudger (ship levels 1+) and Mortifier (levels 3+)
- Rooms in some ships can be blocked by debris. Clearing debris takes energy if you don't have a Scavenging Kit (see below).
- Scan Detail research upgrades now have two levels.
- Watch out for traps in tier 2 ships. Scanner upgrades can detect traps, and Tech and Scavenging skills can also help with spotting them at the last second.
- Some sections of derelicts can now be locked. You will have to find a console to unlock them.
- New equipment in the shop:
- Power Generators and Field Scanners are now combined into the Power Generator. Field scanners are no longer available in new saves or after a shop inventory refresh.
- Scavenging Kit can be used to disarm traps safely or to clear debris. A single kit has 5 charges.
- Hazard Protection negates harmful room effects for 10 moves in exploration. Energy Surge benefits will still be available.
- Extraction Beacons can be used to immediately teleport to the nearest landing zone. They require a lot of power and thus must be used in a room powered by a generator or Energy Surge.
- Save slot UI has been overhauled to better fit the artistic style.


- All characters and rival scavengers are immune to Lethal hits.
- Waiting one turn takes 5 energy (half the movement cost).
- Temporary Cover: Using another card refreshes the duration of the cover.
- Medic/Pain Killer Additive and First to Aid abilities stack instead of creating new effects.
- Reactionary abilities such as Retaliation or Flame Guard don't act on other reaction attacks anymore, i.e. only one reaction is generally processed. This is to prevent silly, confusing and/or broken interactions between abilities.
- Slightly increased XP requirements for levels: level 2 requires 150 more XP, level 3 200 more and all subsequent levels after 100 more.
- Slightly reduced the following modifiers' values across all item levels: +X% Damage, +X% Evasion, +X% Recycle, +X% Lethal, +X% Maximum Shields, -X% Damage resistance on hit and +X Focus.
- Stagger-modifier has a chance of spawning with higher than 1 strength from item level 4 onwards.
- Significantly reduced Energy Efficiency values across all item levels. It was too easy to reach a point where energy was no longer an issue.
- Improved Knockback-modifier's (aka -X initiative on hit for 1 turn) upper strength values at all item levels.
- Added a chance for Ability lock-modifier (aka Disable X cards for Y turns on hit) to spawn with 2 strength at item levels 4, 5 and 6.
- Adjusted Reduce armor-modifier's values to scale more evenly towards high levels.


- Fixed Shield Expert/Team Shield Amplifier upgrades not being applied to all crew members until the next combat encounter. The shield bonus is also now combined into the final max shield value instead of changing the displayed shield core values.
- Fixed Radiated rooms not preventing shield recharge after combat. Shields will be recharged after moving to a non-radiated tile.
- Wrap status icon text to avoid wiiiiiiiiiiiide popups.
- Reactionary attacks such as Bruiser/Retaliation are now shown in separate comic scenes instead of overriding the first attack.
- Fixed Number of Attacks and Bonus Burst Hits stats not working properly on some equipment.
- Fixed Shield Boost not rounding up the value for the status icon text.
- Fixed Shockwave applying knockback/stagger even if the attack didn't hit.
- Fixed Technician/Shield Expertise not giving energy correctly.
- Fixed map hover popup not showing visited encounter details when out of scan range.
- Fixed damage calculation error on burst attacks with bonus shield damage.
- Fixed Controlled Burst damage calculation errors.
- Fixed Charged Shot and Charged Strike script errors when the target was prematurely killed or when the attacking unit was incapacitated.
- Fixed bug that could cause incorrect initiative values being shown for summoned units (the actual value was correct).
- Fixed Master of Robots/Sentry Turret stats not matching the ability description.
- Fixed a typo which could make a rival tracker have a blank white portrait.
- Fixed neutral scavengers refusing to continue fighting after the player has retreated and goes back to them.
- Fixed conversation with more hostile scavengers not initiating combat with the relevant option after a successful mental check.
- Fixed combat bug that could happen on an out-of-energy retreat.
- Fixed Shield Manipulation freezing combat when used on a target without shields.
- Fixed occasional script bug with Chemist/Stronger Substances.
- Fixed a bug where an enemy could freeze when failing to play a card while affected by Confusion, Fear or Stun.
- Fixed the attacking unit showing up on the defender side in a comic panel when an area attack misfires.
- Fixed Tinker/Kinetic Generator gaining an absurd amount of energy from lethal hits.
- Fixed Tinker/Scrounger card picker staying visible when the unit was stunned.
- Fixed Tinker/Scrounger working while Overloaded.
- Fixed Bruiser/Retaliation showing incorrect title and animation for the retaliatory attack.
- Fixed status icons occasionally lingering on screen even after the effect expired.
- Fixed Medic/Pain Killer Additive not granting health to all affected units when buffing multiple allies.
- Fixed Medic/Medical Diligence giving buffs for cards played by allies; it was intended to work only when the medic plays a medical card.
- Fixed room backgrounds sometimes getting flipped when entering combat.
- Fixed Tracker/Mark Target not rounding gained focus.
- Craft Supply can now be canceled without losing a turn.
- Fixed AI sometimes targeting invisible units.
- Fixed duration indicator color on Damage Resistance debuff icons.
- Fixed character stat panel popping up when targeting Disrupt by clicking on a unit portrait.
- Fixed some NPCs not talking to the player anymore in certain situations.
- Fixed Arena map being revealed when loading a save.
- Hero's Badge can now be sold after completing the quest.
- Draining Strike can not be used on a shieldless target.
- Fixed not being able to sell repeatedly from the same inventory slot.
- Possible fixes towards an occasional crash involving asset unloading.
- Fixed the Punisher giving attack bonuses to other equipment and even other units.
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Changelog for patch 0.5.1 (added 04 May 2018):

- Fixed an issue that could cause the game to freeze when trying to clear debris.
- Can't anymore receive 2 Astrospheres from the console with a dormant Necroguard guarding it.
- Fixed missing comic panel effects for tripwire and radiation traps.
- Fixed scanner details spoiling the Talking Floor quest.
- Fixed a rare issue where you could not use an energy cell from the inventory after looting.
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Changelog for Patch 0.6 (added 22 June 2018):

* Character level cap raised to 9. New abilities for levels 8-9 are available.
* New ship layouts.
* New enemies: Amoebas (Soulmorph, Rockmorph and Crystalmorph) and the Tyrant.
* New missions for tier 3 (2 main + 2 side).
* Crew inventory size can be upgraded in the research workshop.
* New equipment extensions added to the loot pool.
* The name of the derelict you are currently exploring is now shown on the map.
* A combat log has been added. You can expand the log from the top of the screen and browse it during combat, and hover over the unit or card names to see what happened.
* A codex with descriptions of card mechanics is now available in the pause menu.
* Click the class name on the character creation screen to access more detailed information about classes and abilities.
* Added a tooltip to the XP bar on the character screen showing the current experience points and points needed for the next level.
* Two new trap types added.
* Two new crew portraits added.

* Game progression has been adjusted to throw stuff at you in more digestible portions - fewer ships are available to start with, but more are unlocked as soon as you find some location data.
* Some additional landing zones and hazard zones have been added to ship layouts.
* Starmap UI changes: Added a bit of animation to show newly unlocked ships on the starmap, and warning signs for ships that are above the crew's level.
* When moving several tiles at a time, the movement animation gradually speeds up after a few rooms to make long trips faster.
* The camera now tries to keep the crew icon visible when moving on the map, and you can scroll the map while moving.
* Combat UI changes: The energy display is now next to Boost and End Turn buttons, and the Retreat button has been moved to the left side.
* The card selector panel used for drawing or discarding cards is now more descriptive.
* Drawing cards due to an ability or other card is shown with a brief animation.
* Fast Deployment now moves the new unit to its correct place in the current round based on its initiative (or right after the owner, if the initiative is higher).
* You can click on mods in the crew inventory to pin the details to the screen, allowing you to browse the item's cards by hovering over them. Click again to unfocus. Energy cells are now used with a double click.
* Updated game settings UI to fit the overall style.
* Tracking Shot: Shot is Accurate (=hits always)
* Tracker/Mark Target now also gives an Evasion debuff to the target.
* Changed Scrapper/Expert Tool User ability into Team Preparation: All allies start combat with 1/2/3 additional cards.
* Small adjustments to equipment and item modifiers across the board. Most notably Focus, Evasion, Energy reduction and Lethal chance values got reduced on all levels.
* Increased movement cost of the passive scan research upgrades to +25%/+25% (was +10/+20).
* Increased energy cost of the scan range research upgrades to +15%/+15%/+15% (was +10/+10/+10).
* Buffed most of the Illustrious equipment modifiers.
* Increased Small Energy Cell price from 30 to 35 and Medium Energy Cell price from 90 to 105.
* Increased the number of items that are spawned to the Pawn Shop for sale.
* Arena has two more new encounters, one Amoeba (Rockmorph, Soulmorph, Crystalmorph and one Scourge (Drudger, Mortifier, Tyrant) fight, totalling 22 encounters. One of the earlier fights was replaced with a Necrotic (Banger, Gutser, Long Dead) group.

* Fixed map generation bugs where locked rooms could prevent progress in some situations.
* Fixed combat issues that could occur after loading a save in the middle of combat.
* Fixed Hazard Protection not working when trying to restore shields or health in radiated rooms.
* Fixed missing room graphics in locked rooms.
* Fixed Talk button being visible when a conversation was restarted without exiting the room.
* Fixed some equipment modifiers getting incorrect effect values when a status effect was also generated on the same item.
* Fixed a bug that could result in some chance of X equipment modifiers (elemental effects, ability lock, explosive shots and bleed) not working properly.
* Fixed combat bugs with the Leader/Distraction ability and a potential bug with Leader/Unrelenting.
* Fixed an error that could happen when generating loot with the Fast Deployment modifier.
* Enemies aren't scared of loot anymore and can move over it.
* Fixed script bug with Recharging Pulse.
* Added more safety checks for card script interactions.
* Use the death pose for units hit by Lethal attacks.
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Hey Scavengers,

As promised here is the newest update for DSD! We added some more fixes and improvements over the week so let us know what do you think about the update. Also this is the last update before the game gets out of EA in September! We are so close!!

Here is the full changelog:


A new Bug Report tool has been added. If you bump into a bug, please click Menu -> Bug Report. This will allow you to send us a report with a screenshot, your save file and the debug log; you can also type in any information you would like to add. The Bug Report window will also automatically pop up for some kinds of combat bugs.

(For data privacy information, check <;gt;. Note that we don't use Unity Analytics, no personal/identifying data is sent, and no data is transferred outside of the bug reporter.)

If you have a crash.dmp file, please email it to, preferably with the save file and a description of what you were doing when the game crashed. Thank you!

- Added following extension mods to the game: Weapon Amplifier (Weapon tool), Projectile Amplifier (Weapon tool), Robotics Node (Tech tool), Maintenance Node (Tech tool) and Psychoanalyzer (Mental tool).
- Three new portraits added in.
- A couple of new random encounters. Some NPCs also now have a shop window for easier and more flexible trading.
- 9 new ship layouts.
- Additions and changes to the Pirate roster. Added the tech savvy Piratech, split regular pirates into Slaver, Raider and Defiler variations each with a few unique cards and gave Buddynaut some new cards.

- Pressing End Turn with no cards played now gives you Energize 1 on the next turn (i.e. can play one more card).
- The unit info popup in combat can now also be closed by clicking outside the panel.
- Tweaked battlefield spacing - when there are two units in one row, spread them out a little bit.
- Adjusted some of the card spawn weights. Most notably energizing cards (Quick Shot/Strike, Steady Shot and Quick Reload) and area damage attacks (Explosive Shot) cards spawn more rarely on eligible cores and extension mods.
- Reduced stun, fear, confuse and recycle values on extensions.
- The loot window now exits automatically when all items have been taken.
- The Menu button is now accessible from most screens, including the map view and the crew UI.
- Some texture optimization. The download size for the update is a bit bigger than usual, but it will result in less disk space used, so you are actually downloading free space! That's how it works, right?
- Updated to Unity 2017.4.6f1, and updated some external assets. This fixes some crashes and problems related to displays or alt-tabbing.

- Really fixed the problem of the first two ships not having guaranteed location data. What am I doing with my life, this isn't that hard. You'll need to restart the game if this still happened with the last update, sorry.
- Fixed not being able to talk to Rinow after postponing his challenge in the Scattered Deviant quest.
- Fixed Noether/Hemlock ending dialogue problems in the Foul Play quest.
- Fixed combat freeze when a confused unit played a shield-restoring card on a shieldless enemy.
- Fixed Tinker/Scrounger causing problems when retreating.
- Fixes towards Strategist/High Priority Target not ignoring area attacks and misbehaving in some situations.
- Fixed Inferno Rocket adding a burn effect on the target even when it missed.
- Fixed Repeat not counting recycled cards correctly.
- Improved the responsiveness of dialogue skipping.
- Fixed Strategist/Surge of Confidence giving bonuses to enemies in some situations.
- Fixed NPC name changes not sticking after returning to the station.
- Prevent the Sequencer mod from triggering more than once per card.
- Fixed Triple Shot doing 3x100% damage instead of the intended 3x50%.
- Don't trigger Bruiser/Cleave on multi-target attacks.
- Fixed unconscious leaders still proudly representing their crew in conversations.
- Added some checks to prevent unconscious crew members from adding their skills to various checks and calculations: debris tile energy cost, skill checks, loot bonuses, trap detection/disarm and quest rewards.
- Fixed out of energy message showing on top of crew UI.
- Fixed minor issues with Protective Sphere damage/shield calculations.
- Fixed electric trap not draining energy correctly.
- Fixed Reap showing an incorrect damage value on the card.
- Use % sign more consistently in descriptions of effects.
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Changelog for Patch 0.6.7 (added 09 August 2018):

Hi Scavengers,

Let’s welcome a new week with some new fixes! We are listening to your feedback and appreciate it a lot. Please keep it up as it helps us a ton in making the game the best possible experience.

Here is the changelog:

* Fixed quest progression issue with Ghost in the Machine if Jasperse was killed. Entering the quest ship will allow you to continue the quest.
* Fixed not being able to continue Rinow's challenges after starting with the second one.
* Fixed infinite retreat loop when a character acting last in the round ran out of energy.
* Fixed combat freeze caused by Assassin/Shredder Weapons when the bleed effect was blocked.
* Fixed combat freeze that could happen with Root and damage-over-time effects on the same unit.
* Fixed issues with equipment stats changing when equipped. If you see more weird behaviour when equipping/unequipping items, please save the game first and then send a bug report mentioning which item causes the problem.
* Fixed character stats summary showing Damage: 0 in some situations.
* Fixed Tracker/High Velocity bonuses being added twice.
* Fixed some AI targeting bugs.
* Optimized loading in cases where there are a lot of power generators on the map.
* Fixed problems with Maintain, including not giving the damage buff.
* Sentry Turret Card: Show critical effect in the card description, remove icon symbol to prevent confusion.
* Fixed an occasional post-combat freeze caused by UI cleanup.
* Fixed Leader/Unrelenting getting into a loop when used with Purify.
* Fixed a rare issue with Psyker/Mind Drain.