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Unable to finish the run because the game simply doesn't finish loading this derelict, forcing me to stop the game through the windows process manager. I got my team to lvl 6 and then I had to start over because of game breaking bug, not so fun.

Latest version(1.1.1), running on windows 7 64bit.
Same here, but with a level 7 derelict. Game autosaved on the moment of departure, trying to continue from the main menu gives the same infinite loading screen.
Update: After several cycles of terminating the game and trying again, I was able to successfully load the game. This involved repeatedly applying input to the game while it was loading (in this case, I had my tablet hybrid in tablet mode, so I was tapping on the screen repeatedly), I have no idea if this had any effect on the process.

After saving the game on the derelict, it now completes loading normally.

Win 8 (not 8.1), x64.
I did actually manage to load the derelict eventually, the day after. The only thing I did differently was trying to click a bit and press escape while it was loading. I did that because someone on the steam forums mentioned that it actually does load the derelict, it just doesn't clear the loading screen, so you can enter the menu and save, and then load the save to bypass the problem. However I never got to the menu, it just suddenly did clear the screen.

So yeah, maybe it just needs to be clicked away sometimes.