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Hi Snowhounds,

i loved this game at first sight, but unfortunately can't manage to play it.
as i launch it, i get a black screen:
the game doesn't seem to be frozen as it plays music and i can safely alt-tab in and out,
but it simply refuses to show anything and doesn't respond to any input.

already tried to verify/repair installation.

i have a laptop, Lenovo Y510P
i7-4700MQ 2.40GHz 2.40GHz
GeForce GT 755M 2GB GDDR5
Win10 64bit
DirectX 12.0

i just upgraded to Win 10;
already reinstalled Nvidia Experience and drivers,
and tried to run it with Nvidia GPU and integrated Intel HD Graphics 4600.

tried to google the problem but seems i'm the first to report it.
thanks in advance!

well, it seems that actually reading the output_log.txt instead of crying could have been a sensible thing to do in the first place.

following the error in the log, i temporarily set the screen resolution to a more standard 1280x720, this way i managed to run the game!
once in, i checked the resolution and was already set to 1366x768, my laptop native settings.
then reverting it back, the game kept working.
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