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Hello folks! Really enjoying the game, but I have run into two problems.

The more serious first: In Sunken Temple, when I attempt to use the ROV for the first time (to retrieve something from a small crack in the hillside), the game crashes in the first dialog of the Professor. It hangs and will go no further. You can hit escape, and you can interact with the menu, but to continue the game you have to shut it down.

My other issue is in Forgotten Reef. It claims I have two fish interactions to complete, but as I go through each area, it indicates I have completed all interactions for that area. What could I be missing?

Thank you for your great game, it's nice to be able to relax and enjoy something this well made!

EDIT: I found a work around for problem number one, where the mouse does not work, but the keyboard enter does. So I guess that problem can be considered handled for the moment. I still can't figure number two yet, but any ideas would be appreciated.
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Hey there!

Thanks for posting these issues Ravenshammer.

I'll pass this to the team and I will keep you posted in this thread. I am glad you've managed to contain the first bug though :)