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Upating from my original issue (which was I completed everything up to Queen's Gold at 100% save for one missing item from the Deep Forest level, saved, quit, launched the game a day later and my game said that I never passed Misty Lagoon, ie, was forced to start over- this was the third or 4th time my save file reverted to a new playthrough file after selecting CONTINUE).

I'm wondering if anybody from the dev team or anybody playing the current update can confirm that all of the mineral deposits are still present in the Tunnel Network portion of the Deep Forest- I cannot seem to figure out how I managed to miss one deposit (it's the last thing keeping me from gaining 100% on that level). If it maters, I have mapped, scoured, and sonar swept the entire level but it says that I am still missing that deposit.

I have also noticed that prior to the last update I have been told that I was short items that I could verify I picked up in several stages, only to play the next level and upon returning to the boat see that my previous missing item was marked as found.

After the latest update, I have been able to go in the order of the stages as they unlock and I have been getting 100% on each stage before moving onto the next, well, at least until now. I'm basically on my 4th attempt at a first playthrough and it still seems a bit fishy.

Please advise? Does the current version still have a bug or two?
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Hey there,

Thanks for posting this as this a pretty serious issue and I apologize for getting back to you so late.

We've never had an issue like this, we had someone not collecting an item and not being able to go 100% for the entire game, but a complete wipe of a save file? We have a New Game Plus mode, which indeed, wipes the game progress, but you retain the equipment. I'll pass this info to the team, we will try to figure out something and I will keep you updated here in this thread.

Hold on there, help is on the way! :)